There were many individuals and events which served to influence Aaron’s odyssey from an idyllic youth through tragedy into prosperity. Some of the images on this page reflect this journey.

At age 75, Aaron Herskowitz and his beloved Helen return to Bilky. It is the first time since World War II, and they did not want to revisit the hellish nightmares of their survival. It is only after much convincing from their children that they are able to get their father and mother, also a native Bilker and Auschwitz survivor, to make the journey. Once they reach their destination, they are overwhelmed with joy at the kindness of their former Ukrainian Christian neighbors, who welcome Aaron and Helen back with open arms.

Howard, who has been fascinated with his father’s stories since childhood, hadn’t truly understood his parents’ reluctance to return to their hometown, at first the site of happy times, but then a time of sadness, when the Holocaust came to wipe out their families and loved ones. Together, Aaron and his family revisit familiar countryside while Howard uses video and audio to record his parents’ fascinating memories.